UKSRN2015 - 3rd Annual Meeting of the UKSRN


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This meeting was held at Leeds Beckett University on September 7th and 8th 2015.

It was a workshop where academics can talk together and further the aim of promoting SETI work in UK academia.

The programme consisted of: individual talks; a discussion on the response of the UKSRN to the Breakthrough Message initiative; a discussion of the future activities of the UKSRN.

Maccone Evolution and SETI (Evo-SETI) as Lognormal Stochastic Processes
Forgan Found Them: Pre-Search and Post-Detection Protocols for Social and Digital Media
Sandberg A for Andromeda, B for Babel: formal language theory and interspecies message security
Garrett Good night, sleep tight: Mid-IR SETI
McKemmish SETIMol: How to send a knock-knock joke to Aliens
McInnes Artificial Structures and SETI signatures
Baxter Towards a Declaration of Principles Concerning Direct Contact Between Humanity and Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Ansbro Local SETI: The Search for Probes
Magalhaes Active SETI to test SETI Zoo Hypothesis
Edmonson What can we know about life on other worlds


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