UK SETI Research Network

Patron: Professor Martin Rees


The UK SETI Research Network is a group of UK academics at a number of institutions who are active in the field of the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.

Its purpose is to promote academic SETI activity in the UK.

There is a small but active group of SETI researchers in the UK, who need a forum to discuss their work. Further, we hope that the existence of the group will excite interest in people in the UK astronomical community, who have been thinking about SETI, to contribute their work.

We also hope that by exposing the whole range of UK SETI activities to the community it will promote a wider understanding of, and activity in, this subject, and the justifications for the allocation, through the competitive grants application process, of resources for SETI activity.


In its annual meeting on 2015 September 7/8th, the UKSRN decided to enter the Breakthough Message competition, as soon as the details are announced. This competition is part of the Breakthrough Initiatives. It is for the best messages that could be read by an advanced civilisation, be in digital format, and be representative of humanity and planet Earth.

For the moment, the Initiative has no plan to send these messages.

Members of the UKSRN have experience in the construction of such messages.


List of members


September 2015

The third annual meeting of the UKSRN - UKSRN2015 - was held on 7/8th September at Leeds Beckett University.

September 2014

The second annual meeting of the UKSRN - UKSRN2014 - was held on September 11 and 12th 2014 at Birkbeck College in London. For details of this see the website.

July 2013


We are presently turning our informal grouping into a proper 'Network'. We are considering funding options and planning a further meeting early in 2014.

NAM July 2013


Our first formal activity has been to arrange three SETI sessions at this years National Astronomy Meeting (NAM2013) in St Andrews, on the Friday, July 5 2013.

There is a Facebook page 'setinam2013' and a Twitter hashtag -- 'setinam2013'.

The last UK-wide meeting on SETI was at the Royal Society Kavli Centre, as long ago as October 2010, so now, after this two and a half year gap, this was an appropriate time for a UK SETI meeting.

Some 14 active SETI academics attended, plus a considerable audience.


UKSRN Network Co-ordinator

Dr Alan Penny
University of St Andrews
School of Physics and Astronomy
North Haugh
St Andrews
Fife KY16 9SS

Telephone (mobile) 07804670620

e-mail :-
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